ACfreeflow Unit

ACfreeflow Unit

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Avoid AC condensation line backups which cause floods & damage to property

preventative maintenance for your air conditioning system!

A simple, affordable, patented solution to costly and damaging flooding caused by AC condensation line backup! Simple to install and easy to reload with treatment sticks that last for months, the ACfreeflow system prevents algae growth in HVAC system condensation lines that leads to clogged lines, backups, flooding & the costly repairs.

  • Avoid costly and damaging flooding caused by AC condensation line backups
  • Protect your home and possessions from flooding caused by AC condensation line malfunction
  • Innovative, patented design treats AC condensation system ensuring free flowing operation
  • Prevents clogged AC condensation lines using odor-free water treatment system
  • Simple installation on nearly all HVAC systems
  • Easy-to-load treatment sticks last months for convenient, worry-free operation


Protect your home in 3 easy steps

1. Clean out condensation line
2. Install ac freeflow unit
3. Prevent flooding

One of the following is included: ACfreeflow unit, chemical treatment stick, PVC pipe glue, and pipe cutter.

This unit is designed for most HVAC system where the condensation line drains outside of dwelling.

Contains:  Magnesium Stearate , Tri clor powder