How to Install

Installation of your ACfreeflow unit is simple and quick. Watch the video here (coming soon) and make sure to read the ‘How To’ instructions below.

If you are uncomfortable with installation, a professional is just a click away. Contact one of our certified installers here

How to

Turn off AC thermostat.
Cut PVC condensation pipe where the ACfreeflow unit will be located. "FLOW In" Side should be closest to HVAC unit.
If condensation pipe is clogged, you must clear clog prior to the installation of the ACfreeflow unit.
Measure for needed coupling(s), elbow(s), and pipe(s). Install and fit unit without glue to ensure everything fits properly. It is recommended to place the ACfreeflow unit as close to the HVAC unit as possible.
Make sure the "flow out" sticker is facing away from hvac unit and make sure to glue securely to prevent leaks.
Unscrew the cap on the tallest stem of the ACfreeflow unit and drop in the treatment stick. Screw cap back on.

Supplies you may need

Depending on our current drain line installation, you may need to purchase 3/4" elbow(s), coupling(s) and pipe(s).